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This trip was taken against medical advice. LDF was supposed to take an entire year off motorcycling after her concussion. That said, we'd been talking about changing the tenor of the Mobius trips. Rather than seeking out the baddest ass trails through the remotest areas, rolling into far outposts on fumes, and connecting vast empty areas by the skin of our navigational teeth, we've been considering covering fewer miles per day, incorporating some hiking, taking more off-bike days, visiting friends and family.

At the same time, to be honest, generating a full-on ride report with a minute-by-minute timeline, and lines and arrows drawn on the back for each segment has entered the realm of diminishing returns. I love being able to go back and reference each section and adventure, but it is a ton of work, and I think you'll agree, the quantity and caliber of adventure riding insights and helpful hints that I've been able to provide is starting to (let's be realistic... has long since) plateaued.

I'm the kind of person who loathes covering the same ground twice, whether it's cooking the same dish for dinner, or retracing a route to backtrack after finding a closed gate... I'd much prefer to cut into the new.

That said, I really don't want to stop writing ride reports, I truly enjoy the interaction and the process, and so I think the best compromise will be for everyone to lower their expectations... I mean WAY down. I'm just going to present highlights, not so much detail anymore. If anyone wants specifics, just ask. Here's the link to the M12 Smugmug gallery, the curious stalkers can feel free to peruse all the photos.

This will be the last Mobius section updated on this thread. A dirty dozen... that seems like a nice round number. From here on out, future Mobius rides will have their own little ride report linked to here. We're going to do another this spring, but won't be able to do the next for a year.

The writing is going to be perhaps a little more abstract stream-of-consciousness, but I think with really low expectations, what can go wrong?
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