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It is tough to see something like this unfold, and I am sorry to hear about this good souls encounter with issues in Mexico.

Not to take away anything from the missing motorcyclist, but, one must always weight the risk and issues in developing countries, Central America, and issues that create headaches for loved ones.

The police and investigators are no where nearly as good, or trained, as back home in the modern western world. Justice is not common nor to be expected. Courts, Tribunals, Judges, Police, may all be well for that particular country, with the intention to assist, arrest, convict a criminal, but in reality, its not going to happen.

In some ways, its like the medical offerings in the same places, you basically have clinics, that dont have MRI, Cat Scans or western trained doctors, and access to the latest and greatest procedures, unless you are in the capital or a major city, otherwise, you are hours from a good DR and good medical care, you might even have to take a taxi for hours to a hospital in these parts.

So, you have two risk that need to be acknowledged, one, police and justice hardly exist in these parts, and medical/emergency support can be non existent or lacking on many levels.

Both these factors, can mean your life. 99% of tourist and travelers have a fine time in these parts and no issues, but when shit does hit the fan, dont expect anything to be normal, as good, or as professional, as back home.

People forget this. If you look at the very popular country Costa Rica, and examine the deaths of foreigners, there are three types.

1- Accident, usually a bad car accident, drowning in rip tides in the ocean, and drug overdose. Many of these deaths could of been saved, but there are no emergency, rescue or medical personnel to get the job done.

2- Murder, which is actually not uncommon, they rarely solved, the perps rarely are arrested and convicted, and it usually involves money disputes, landowner disputes, employees, flaunting of wealth resulting in home invasions or car jackings. Criminal elements see gringos as naive and easy to threaten, period.

3- Drugs, cheap, easy to access, and all the wrong types you should be associating with, and its not narco traffickers and gangs, its small time dealers and thugs.

Nightime is the other common denominator for tourist/foreigners getting into trouble, partying, driving, walking, its not a good time to be out n about in areas you dont know the ropes, and what to avoid.

My prayers are with this gents family and friends, and I hope he is okay and comes home. But the reality is, it aint Kansas.
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