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Originally Posted by GlennR View Post
Doe Mtn. is open. I bought a pass. ($60 per year, or $18 per day) But I haven't been riding there much yet. They don't have many technical trails yet (that I've heard of). Mostly easier two way trails. Even the tighter trails are two way. I'd planned on helping develop & clear motorcycle trails, but I'm not as excited about it now. (I was really disappointed that they are charging $18 for a day) I'll be happy to meet up & ride on Doe if anybody wants to sometime.

The main reason I haven't been riding there is because I have been riding on Stone Mtn., which is almost all steep technical riding, it's 1000' higher, has 10 times more trails, and it's only 15 minutes from my door. I'm always happy to show anybody the trails there too. Or I can give a list of the entrance roads if you'd rather explore it on your own, although it's a bit extreme to safely explore solo.
Do we need a tag for Stone Mt.?
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