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Time for an update

Ok I know its been forever since I have given anyone an update. I've been super busy with life and everything that gets in the way of working on the motorcycle. I don't want everyone to think I never got the bike back together. I had planned a trip with my girlfriend and was going to do a week ride up into Maine and the Adirondacks with her about a year ago. We had planned to get a puppy when we got back so I knew my riding time would be cut down. We wouldn't be able to bring the pup with us on the bike. So the inevitable would have to happen..... I would have to buy a car. I had worked like crazy for 4 days straight getting the bike buttoned back up. It has fresh new paint and all the fancy bits and pieces. Everything was looking good. I literally got the last bolt put on the bike when we were putting on our gear ready to go on the trip. The girlfriend looked worried. haha "Does the bike even run yet?" she asked. Yea don't worried I told her. In reality though, I had no idea. I hadn't tried to start it until now. Here goes nothing, I pushed in the starter button and Chug Chug Thump Thump the engine was the best thing I had heard in a long time. The sound of victory! I had done it! Taken the "whole bike apart" put it back together and it ran. We got on the bike and were off.

I was so excited to be riding this bike again. Never thought the day would come. We circled prospect park as a trial run just to make sure nothing fell off. Everything was running great the bike was shifting strong clutch felt great. The addition of the 17/19" wheels was a dream. This was like a new bike! The test was over time to start this ride! I made a B line for the Holland tunnel. Time to start an adventure.

We started up the street near my garage and waiting at a light the bike started to hesitate. My first thought was old gas. Probably just needed to run it out of the tanks. I pulled away from the light and I had no power..... crap this was more than bad gas. Started doing the mental checklist of what it could be. Its usually pretty easy to figure out; just think about what had been changed since the last time I had ridden the bike? So..... it could be anything. That really narrowed things down. Next thought, what was the cheapest thing I added to the bike? The cheap gas caps! Maybe vapor lock? I twisted off the cap and it nearly took my hand off with the pressure that was building up in the tank. It was like shaking up a soda bottle and twisting the cap off. Alright no problem. I had the stock caps in my garage I pulled a U-turn around the block and headed back. Changed out the caps and was on my way again. So our departure got pushed back a few hours because of this. No problem, as long as we were out of the city by night fall.

This time things were going much better. We made it past where were we had broken down before through the Holland tunnel and were on our way. This looked like it was going to happen. That was until the smoke started. We stopped to get gas off an exit in newjersey. When I came to a stop off the exit there was a huge plume of smoke that came up and surrounded us. Kristine my Girlfriend asked if that was normal. I thought maybe it was still the exhaust wrap I had put on smoking off. That was wishful thinking... this seemed like too much smoke for that. When we stopped for gas I looked down and there was a pretty sizable puddle of oil under my bike. The end of the trip had come sooner than expected. It had turned out that the rubber gasket on the top of the back cylinder had failed, and was leaking oil everywhere all over the rear header. This was the cause of all the smoke.

I did have the bike back together for about two weeks. Until I tore it back apart to start wiring up all my accessories. So the bike sits apart again but not for long. Just figured out the wiring pictures soon to come!

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