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I went to Praia, Cape Verde last week for work. I didn't take the bike because, well, it doesn't float! But after exploring the island I sure wish I had.

A bit of info about the Cabo Verde islands if you want to know more

Mrs 34 came along as well and on Saturday we did some exploring.

This was about mid way up a wonderful, twisty road. We got to the top and I told her I had to go back and get some pics for you FF's.

I was taking pics when I heard a growl coming from the bottom of the canyon. Upshift, upshift, upshift; downshift, downshift, downshift. Repeat! So I waited patiently, listened to him doing what I wish I were doing and caught him as he went by

The paved roads were outstanding on most of the island. But the dirt roads looked even better!

That one was just over the ridge. Man, what I would have done for a 500 EXC and a couple extra days.

And beautiful blue water is what waited at the Northwest tip

And this guy too.

I didn't have the opportunity to figure out how to rent a bike but it would be worth while if you ever make it to the Cabo Verde islands. I hear the other islands are even better.

Why does the……
well, you know the rest

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