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Explorer by Bilt

I am very happy with my Explorers. I bought one back in Sept when I got my new KLR, and then bought another one just last week so that my wife has one when she wants to brave riding with me. They are well ventilated, have the super sweet retractable sunvisor, and are fairly stylish to boot. I have one in Matte Black and one in reflective Silver (my new one) and I will say that the new silver one is cooler than the matte black one...for obvious reasons. The padding does not accomodate ear buds very well because every time I put my helmet on while trying to wear ear buds, the inner padding want to pull the buds outta my head. But hey...I should be paying more attention to the road and my surroundings than to say Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast, right? Nah

Overall, two really nice helmets for an extremely nice price. Ride On!
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