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Originally Posted by sweatmark View Post
Nicely done!
This, plus your emergency spark plug coil trick, UNI filters (over on the Rockster board)... You do good work.

Thank you . I like to play. But this is an attempt to provide the parts needed to modify the existing clutch to become "Bruno" clutch. The idea is the same. I am still testing mine in the bike. It is riveted now. UNI filters are the mod to make removing the transmission easier. It is out in 30 minutes and back in in 45.
The spacer has been designed for BMW clutch. I did not play with Siebenrock clutch.
I want to make sure that the average guy can perform this mod using basic tools. Dremmel or grinder, punch, hammer. Hydraulic press would be nice for the rivets but we will see. I don't want to go into discussion about causes of stripped splines, it has been talked about ad nauseam. My real test would be to get somebody with stripped splines to install modified clutch and nothing else, no additional parts.
I believe that the bike would have long happy life. Either way it is not ready yet.
If there is enough interest I will run 10 parts. Right now I am hovering at about $100 for the kit but nothing finalized yet.
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