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New DR650 owner in S.Florida

I wasn't sure to put this, I live in S.Florida [Plantation/Sunrise] so I figured this was as good as any. Mods, feel free to move as necessary.

I'm new to dualsport bikes although I've been around bikes from an early age. Maybe I should share the story about leaving the baby sitters house when I was 5yrs old to break into my house to go ride my cr50...hehe. Man, was I in trouble. I rode dirt bikes as a kid and got away from them in my late teens and didn't touch another bike until I bought my Yamaha R6 in 2004 in my early 30's. I just sold that R6 with 21,000 miles. I put the first 10k on in the first year and then as my work took me around the country my riding became less and less, unfortunately. I was able to do a few trips to deal's gap and north Georgia during that time as well.

It literally never gave me one problem and started everytime I hit the button. I installed a schumacher battery tender under the passenger seat and still had the original battery when I sold it. It still had the original chain and sprockets. I never really beat up on the bike which is why it was in such great shape. I was into ripping wheelies when I first got it but the early law enforcement encounters encouraged me to stop. Remind me to tell you about the funny encounter at bike week in Daytona. I can't say enough good about that bike and really wish I would have just kept it. I had shoulder surgery in 2007 that really hasn't gotten any better and the pain persists, daily. So, I stopped riding because I would hurt for two days after riding. Well, I need to ride a bike and one that I can sit upright to ease the pain. I looked at some sport touring types and honestly may be better for my intended commuting purposes [25 miles round trip, mostly highway] but I wanted something I could clown around on and hit a trail when I see one.

In light of that I just purchased a 2006 DR650 with 14k on the odometer. I probably overpaid a bit at $3600 but from my reading on SMJ, ADV, and DRRider it looks like I will have enough support in case of need. Between that and the potential longevity of the bike and it's nearly 20yrs in the mill, I'm not really worried. As everyone knows it's flat and there aren't a bunch of great trails here in S. Florida so an SM setup is good. I plan to buy another set of wheels for a dirt swap to partake of some of Florida's nature and sand.

The original owner [I'm the 3rd] put some time and effort into the bike and appears to have spent some money at procycle. It's setup as a SM with 17" excel wheels and stock hubs on Pilot Power 2's that will be replaced with Avon Distanzia's in the near future. He maintained the original speedometer but that will come off soon and be replaced with a vapor. I really don't like not having an idea of the RPM's, temp, etc. He add the Suzuki factory tail rack which works well for my commuting. He changed out the signals, front and back. He installed standard 7/8" Fly brand bars and a DR350 tail light. He installed swingarm spools that I may replace with some delrin versions as sliders and do the skate wheels up front. It has a Two Bro's slip-on and the carb was jetted with a procycle jet kit. I don't know much about jetting and have some research to do but it's way too rich and back-fires like crazy...more to follow. I may follow-up with procycle to get some suggestions after I get it torn apart.

Enough chatter...

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