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I have had the foot peg relocation brackets mounted on my bike a while now, but I have not had a chance to ride the bike until just earlier today...

The brackets are beautifully crafted and the mounting was piece of cake; everything fitted perfectly, except I needed to change the top bolt on the left side bracket since the original bolt had a bit too large head.

Use a bolt like this instead;

The original foot peg+brackets (left + right) weighs 1350g, Aquatics bracket+my new foot pegs (heavy ass 380g pegs) weighs 1280g, so it's definitely lighter for all you weight weenies out there. With lighter pegs even better!

On the bike the new setup gave me a much better riding position sitting down, I'm 185cm tall (would be somewhere around 6"1 for non metric guys) and the cramped bent knees position are all gone now. Standing up riding are suddenly a dream... it might be the joy of the moment, but it actually felt like the bike handled totally different (read; much better). Riding standing with the original pegs always made me a bit uneasy and made my feet hurt, such a difference with the wider pegs!

The only downside (which I already was aware of before mounting the new brackets) are the brake lever now are a bit too far from the peg. I tried bending it a bit in a vice and it got a bit better, but I guess something else have to be done in the long run...

The shifter are no problem reaching, and perhaps even better a bit more forward since I always are a bit scared of getting my foot caged in a unfavourable angle between the foot peg and gear lever shifting up while riding rough terrain... my large feet!!

Last words are I'm sooo pleased with the new setup :)

I only rode a local fire trail today, but next weekend I'm going overseas to Jylland, Denmark to try it out in the dunes....

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