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Originally Posted by cele0001 View Post
Due to the greater positive response than originally anticipated I went ahead and placed and order for 10 hubs. There will be no prepayment. I am still working on the rivet solution. My original "proof of concept" was just 5mm thick spacer that I bolted in with M5 bolts with red locktite. I pulled it out after 500 miles and there was nothing to report. I have since removed the bolts and installed rivets using hammer and punch. I don't like the possibility of lose parts in the transmission housing.This is the part of the process that I want to get "normalized" to make sure it is repeatable. Those that expressed interest (or even those who could care less) and have scrap clutch plate to play with please send me a PM.
This is what is spinning inside my bike as we speak. I put about 300 miles and removed it and re-installed it over the weekend to check. Nothing to report.
Find one of these on e-bay, link.

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