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Insurance company asked me for pictures of the bike. First they said the VIN number didn't exist, then that the bike itself didn't exist, it must be a 1200, not an 1150. Not such a thing as 2006 1150GSA...;-) Yeah. Sure. So, I took a few pictures, including the VIN on the steering column. Then the mileage. "100,000 miles just can't be, sir. You must be mistaken. That's probably a 10,000 miles bike..." Yeah sure. Then they jumped when I mentionned the bike had Ohlins suspension."It looks pricey. Is that going to raise the bike's performance? Is that a performance parts?" No, mam'. Stock suspnesion will last 30,000 miles top and will cost $3k to replace. This one is better, will last 30,000 miles but will only cost $400 to rebuild. Okay then. You're in... ;-)

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