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What an EPIC, EPIC RR! It took me more than a month of off/on reading but I finished it! The stories, the photos, the words and the highly intelligent banter from and among the characters are simply amazing to read through. It's so been worth my time to follow this RR with whatever free time I get. I love this story and I cannot get enough of it! Great work!

Walter thanks for doing this thread, it's truly inspiring to see how stunning and interesting the world is. I'd really like to get off this island country of mine and go out and see the places you've seen, i.e, Russia, Mongolia and Europe, when the time is right for me. I'll be prepping my XC for that soon too...

Thanks to all the characters/writers/contributors to this story. Stand tall. You're my heroes and idols.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Blasting off to the horizon!
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