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Originally Posted by atwoodtja View Post
The Caswell coating itself seems like great stuff, sticks to anything and cures to a nice hard surface that looks like it could stop bullets. I have some of the excess stuff poured in the bottom of a trash can, and its never coming off as far as I can tell.

I installed mine, used 2 pints instead of the usual 1 to try and get the best coverage possible in all the little nooks and crannies in the 5.3 gallon aircooled tank. Shook that damn tank for 1/2 hour. FWIW, there are numerous reports on of professionally coated tanks that also failed after a few years. The problem is there is no reasonable way to make sure of a full, even coating on that tank, its too complex inside.

FWIW, I would bet the 1200 tank is easier to get good caswell coverage due to its much simpler shape. What I don't understand is why the 1200 tank is not simply made of a better material; since its covered by fairing panels they could use any of several ethanol-resistant tank materials. The aircooled multi tank has to be smooth, paintable and rigid, so material choice is much more limited.
I have a fair amount of experience with applying the usual types of epoxies
as they are used in layup and adhesive work on boats, but didn't have any with Caswell so decided to have mine professionally applied by a guy who has made a study of it. I'm told he has a system for keying the inside of the tank and also for turning the tank as the epoxy is applied. It will be "interesting" to see if my tank withstands the rigors of ethanol because I am now taking no special measures to protect it from the ravages of whatever fuel happens to be handy.

One thing is for sure: if my tank expands again, I will definitely advertise that here and on .ms.
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