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The scary decision has been made to throw caution to the wind, sell my house, buy another bike and go touring through the USA (hopefully for 1yr). The real-estate agent came for a 4hr meeting last Friday, and things are now in motion to make my dream become reality, and quickly I might add!

After a crappy past few years with mums passing, being in a relationship which was ruining my soul, a miscarriage, an horrific break-up, difficulty finding work, and always putting myself last, the restlessness has hit hard and it's time to do be selfish and do what #1 wants/needs!

The bike of choice is to be a BMW G650X Challenge which I will purchase here in Australia, prepare it completely for the trip, and send it over. Much of the camping and riding gear, tools, electrical stuff necessary, I have already.

I am intending to do the TAT, plus experience as much of the "real America" as possible in that time. Sure it would include visiting some major cities like LA, Washington DC, NY, blah blah, and some major landmarks along the way, but am far more interested in the more remote and interesting places. Being a country lad, I appreciate this far more than concrete and steel and meeting genuine people.

I wish this trip to be a cultural experience, seeing the true natural beauty, and leaving the usual stereotypes behind. I am well versed in travelling, camping for long periods with a bike, travelling alone (I'm an only child, hehe!), and am highly mechanically minded. In a nutshell, I know what's involved.

The bike would be arriving and departing from LAX if this helps, but would like to know which route would people suggest bearing in mind weather, safety, animals, etc? Being an Aussie, I have no experience riding in snow btw and don't mind a challenge, not certain of how to deal with local dangerous animals (snakes are easy duh!), and knowing many people carry guns does freak me out a little. I'm all ears to ANYTHING you can tell me!!

I have almost finalised my gear lists on OneNote which I will post up in the coming days.

Thanks for your time in advance and all of the help and advice offered. :)

dont sweat the gun thing. get off the interstate and stick with the old highway system. don't well find what is unique to the city you visit. new york pizza, seattle hot dog ect. and fuck everything behind you and enjoy what is head of you.... "don't focus on how far you have to go. but how far you have come" enjoy your walkabout


-kevin in seattle
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