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Originally Posted by KCDakar View Post
I'm not sure I'm being very clear with this question, but not sure how to ask it any other way... Will the Balance be off if the holes are bigger on the stock parts with the spacer needing a .2mm smaller bolt? Can that .2mm allow the clutch to shift enough to make it off center and cause vibration? How would a person counter this if it is an issue. Does the alinement tool keep everything in line or will .2mm not be enough of an issue?

I'll shut up now...
And this is what I have been thinking about last night and this morning.
Do I say "Its going to be OK" and go with the good enough method?
Bottom line is that the product is not what it should be. It should be 100% right or it shouldn't be out there.
So here is what I came up with as I was doing my morning routine.
I respectfully request one week extension in order to get with the machine shop owner and allow him to make it right. It is local and it is face to face so there shouldn't be a lot of back and forth.
To those that already paid, if this is not an acceptable delay, I will refund the payment plus any paypal fees you encountered, no questions asked. Please PM me.
Once again, I would rather fail because I was not able to do it then fail because my pride got the best of me.
Thank you
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