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Originally Posted by LadyCruiser View Post
Hi Boatpuller!!

I'm a rider who likes "cruiser" speed... i mean ride slower... see more
There are few cities which i would like to see like: Baltimore, Washington (..Wizards the NBA team with polish player Marcin Gortat), Nashville, New Orleans, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Montreal and Portland ME. Mostly I want to ride Scenic Byways and see some country side.
Excellent. With that we can be more helpful. Many discourage Washington DC, but I'm not one of them. It is a treasure of a city, wonderful to be a tourist in, and every few years I go through there pulling a 30-40 foot boat trailer, and don't find traffic to be worse than other cities. If you can, try to spend a few days in Washington, maybe park the motorcycle and take the public transportation. The city is very accessible.

If you enjoy nature or more natural areas, do buy an Annual Park Pass with the National Park Service. They can be purchased at any of our national parks, and is a heck of a value. There are hundreds if not thousands of places included in that system, and your annual pass gets you in all of them: Yellowstone, Skyline Drive, Glacier, Yosemite, Shenandoah, Grand Canyon, Arches, are some of the more famous, and these are life-changing places for many. I understand that the US does its national parks very well, and is something we should be proud of. The pass is about the cost of 3-4 single park fees, so it is a value for your trip.

If you are going from Nashville to New Orleans, you can take the Natchez Trace. It is national parkway, a protected road that is part of the national park system. It's slower, but well maintained and a lovely drive full of history. Someone else mentioned it earlier in this thread.

Around San Francisco, is our most famous wine country. It is full of wonderful food and wine shops, and should not be missed if either are of interest to you. East of there, on the California Nevada border are two treasures you should make a point to see: Yosemite National Park, and Lake Tahoe. Just Google pictures of either place if you doubt whether you can make them fit in your schedule.

On your way up to Seattle, try to see Portland, OR. They call it the city of roses, and the down town is a wonderful walking district with impressive flowers, or at least it was 20 years ago the last time I was there.

If you are in Vancouver, please please please head over to Banff, Alberta in the Canadian Rocky's. It is one of the most beautiful areas of the world, and well worth your time.

Warning: deer have become a major road hazard here in the US. The often run in front of cars instead of away. If you see them, or any wildlife bigger than a cat, along the side of your road, slow down and be prepared for them to run in front of you. This may be the same as in Poland, but it's still worth saying. One other thing, the size of our country surprises some Europeans. And Canada is even bigger. Make sure you are familiar with how far away things are when you are doing your planning.

Ride safe, have fun, you're going to have a great time. Thanks for bringing us along.
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