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An Italian goes out for a 6-month Italian adventure!

Hi Bikers,

I'm posting here because I want to suggest to all of you to follow my forthcoming project which I have been developing for a while. Now it has finally been supported by the biggest Italian motorcycling magazine which is Motociclismo.

What will my adventure be?

I will be riding from the 1st of June without an established itinerary not knowing the trip's ending date. I will be on my own along the road directed by bikers' suggestions through Facabook iterations. Those willing to help me are welcome, in terms of riding some miles together with me or hosting me in their home with a shower, a soup and a place where to sleep. I think that’s a great way to get to know other bikers, sharing an experience and proving that “bikers friendship” is still true and well alive!

Why did I choose to explore my own country?

"I was on my way through Turkey when I met an Austrian biker who, after realizing I was Italian, asked for advice about his route back to Austria passing through Italy. Well, I was unable to tell him anything special. How embarrassing? That day I sadly realized that riding beyond my national borders, willing to discover the rest of the world without properly knowing my own country didn’t make any sense at all. So, I threw away my round-the-world-plan in favour of an Italian adventure."

Well, hope all of you will like my project which I will keep you updated on!

If you would like to follow me and discover more about Italy..
..go to (english version) and like my page on Facebook (Ridesoul English)!

Lamps ,

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