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Kahuku Trails

I haven't ridden on the Kahuku trails since '76 when I used to flatten the down pipe on my CR125 Elsinore on a regular basis, it's 6 1/2 RPM wide powerband wasn't very effective at coming around a sharp corner and jamming a steep uphill. So after much peer pressure, name calling and ridicule, I jumped at the chance to do a poker run on Oahu last week, we shipped four Beta 300s, two CR250Rs and two 200XC-Ws over from the Big Island.

Saturday morning we rode trails for about three hours just having fun an reacquainting ourselves with the area, all I recognized was the Moto track the trails were pure dinosaur land to me. The high ground was dry and the gulches and streams were deeply rutted, rooty, rocky and slippery, definite trial tire country. We left our bikes with some friends camping at the track and headed down to the beach house for a killer BBQ and relaxation, by 8:00 pm it was dumping rain, oh boy here we go....

Sunday was brutal, super steep and slippery Up and Down hills, serious bottle necks after I missed a turn and had to loop back around to the beginning of that section, cramps in the hands and stomach at the four hour mark, and ready to Tap Out after Check 24 which was marked "Last Check". Asked a Oahu guy if he knew how to get back to the parking area and he said "N'ah brah, mo bettah you stay on da course." So instead of giving in to my inner mahu I slugged it out with him collected the actual last Check turned em in on time and collected $80.00 at the awards ceremony!

I had a fantastic time the Oahu crew is super friendly and since it was a Poker Run nobody was too agro at bottle necks, in the end three of the Big Islanders went home with an extra $80.00. Not too shabby since they only paid out 10 spots and there were over 150 in B Class, D'as how Brah!

No real pictures or video taken, here's Ben on Saturday climbing out of a streambed:

And Gary rolling his chain back on after a rock derailed it in another stream bed, the astute Hawaii thread follower will recognize Gary as the overheated Husky rider from the 2010 MK200 Make Up DS Ride at least this time he broke down on his own island.... Majority of us popped up over and down the boulder to his left rear, he elected to through a deep water hole, local knowledge I suppose, he also switched to a Trial tire before Sunday, Big Island knowledge...

It's the Most F5orite Time of the Year!!!

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