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Middle Tennessee Tag Riders


Brief overview of game.

A Game that’s often called a tag-o-rama on this forum.

Once a picture is posted a new rider/player must take the same picture, or tag as it’s referred to, and post the same picture with his/her bike in the photo. Once this is done he/she is obligated to find a new tag and also post it for another rider to do the same.
Your first priority of this game is to have fun riding and do it safely.

All of the above must be in compliance all of the below.

Code of Conduct or often called the stinking rules;

1) NO FILE PHOTOS CAN BE USED for either tag which means you cannot use old photos you have on hand. The first eligible post to this thread wins the tag.
1a) Try to reproduce the photo as well as possible from memory. If something's blocking your way, just do your best...the idea is to prove you were there; not to critique composition. You may only submit one photo for a tag. You may only capture a tag with one photo and only one tag can be played at a time.

2) Your photo must be taken from an area accessible to the public. Let's try and keep it legal. In the interest of as much participation as possible, the area should be accessible to all motorcycles. This means the tag location should be accessible via public road. Pavement is optional. Private property is okay as long as it is intended for public use and is open to the public (not gated/signed). A tag may not be taken nor placed inside a 'pay area'. If you have to pay to get in, you're out of bounds. IF road conditions could be challenging to anyone other than yourself, please make note of that in your post.

3) Time limits/your grace period; The winner of a current tag makes the next tag; preferably on the same outing to keep the ball rolling. The winner has 24 hours* after tagging the current location to post a new tag.

3a) The 24 hour period is a GRACE PERIOD, during which*no one*may steal the tag from the current winner. If, however, the winner fails to*post a new tag within the grace period, the protections afforded are now gone, and anyone can steal the tag by grabbing the "current tag" and posting a new tag.

For example, have a look at the first photo posted to in this thread...the one with the Arlington Wine Barrel, it is considered the “current tag”.*If a player tagged this sign and posted his picture of the sign but failed to post a new tag within 24 hours, then the Wine Barrel remains as the current tag.

In other words, after the 24 hour grace period expires with no new tag being posted, anyone can grab the "current tag". At this point the winner becomes the one who posts a NEW tag first.*You snooze you loose.

3b) IN CASE OF A BRUCE. (Bruce’s happen when one of more players post the current tag within minutes of each other). The first poster owns the tag for 24 hours. But if he/she fails to repost a new tag the one(s) who got bruced can pounce on the opportunity of the time expiration and post their new tag without retaking a picture of the current tag. To be consider being “bruced” you must also post your picture behind the winner showing the time and proving that you got bruced.

3c) Once a new tag is posted, it is the new current tag. In other words, no changing the new tag once it's posted...time remaining in the 24 hour period or not. Why? Because someone may have already gone out for it.

4) 12hr grace extension request. You can request a 12hr time extension over the 24hr rule BUT it must be stated at the time you post the current tag.
Example, say the current tag is in Pickett Co and you tagged it but had your heart set on a new tag in East of the Tennessee River in Hardin Co. to post. You can request this time extension at the time you post the current tag and will be given an additional 12hr grace period to fulfill your plans. (please be considerate of others, 36hrs is a long time to wait for eager tag riders)

5) The bike in the photo must have gotten there under its own power (or rather the bike you're riding) must appear in the photo. Bikes on trailers or in the back of trucks are not accepted as a valid tag. The point of the game is to ride your bike to chase these tags down.

5a) You can crop and color-correct your photos, but you may not digitally (nor by conventional means) insert a motorcycle or a background.

6) Gotta have boundaries. Please consult the attached map. If you're within the yellow counties plus Hardin County East of the TN River, you're in bounds. Again, gated and/or pay areas are out of bounds even if they fall within the allowed counties. Going out of bounds to get to an in bounds tag is acceptable.

7) Clues; Please don't post the whereabouts of or hints to a current tag until someone has tagged it. If a tag just starts taking too long, the original poster may start giving hints. ONLY the original poster can post hints and at his discretion and when to do so.

7a) If a tag fails to get any response due to distance, location or otherwise it will be up to the original tagger or the “keeper of the code” to delete that tag and repost another or hand that obligation off to another rider.

8) You can't tag your own tag. Group tags should be limited as to not “bogart” the thread and keep others from participating.

9) No whining. State your case and the Pirate Lords of Middle Tennessee will determine your fate.

10) Imaginary points....are just that, try to earn as many as possible.


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Mid-TN Tag Riders

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