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Here is the problem. If you poke a stitching hole in the waterproof membrane it is not waterproof anymore. The FIR heating pad has to be stitched in place. Now the priority is to keep your hand dry which it accomplishes. Now having said that the outside leather is also waterproof unfortunately t he seams are not so in a drizzle the leather will resist the water, in a downpour maybe not but only a slight amount of water will get in the glove which will be stopped by the waterproof membrane. If you plan on dipping your hand in a bucket than your hands will be dry and the insulation will not but will eventually dry. With our Infra red tech the glove will still glove even if it is wet.

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I have always wondered why the Goretex layer is usually next to the skin leaving the insulation free to sponge up water? This simply sets up an evaporative cooler that the heating element slowly looses ground to.

If your gloves pass the " bucket test" without gaining water weight you have a winner. I have seen waterproof boot tests where the boots are tested for leakproofness and how much weight is retained from absorbed water. Some have abysmal results even though feet stay dry.
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