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Originally Posted by Sidecar Jockey View Post
I don't have a camp stove so I don't know... but doesn't a "gasoline stove" run on GASOLINE?? Why buy special fuel for it, cant you just buy gas at the gas station??
As you probably know, pump fuel in most all of MD and many other places now has ethanol in it plus other additives for automotive use.

Stove fuel or whats better known as Coleman Fuel is much cleaner then anything you'll get from the pump now a days. It have no additives for automobiles or ethanol in it. In a pinch, you can run a vehicle on it. DAMHIK.

It will help your stove/lantern last many years. I have both and they are over 30 years old and perform like new. The only fuel I've used in them is Coleman Fuel.

They do make Dual Fuel stoves, but I have no experience with them. Mine are not Dual Fuel stoves.
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