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I'm signed up for the August Colorado newbies class. I hope I do better than I did at Shane Watts school! But there I had the heaviest bike in the class (KLX250 - everybody else was riding real dirt bikes, half were two smokes). Here I'll prolly have the lightest since I'm going to be riding my DR650!

Been riding since '68 but not much dirt. Every time I go to a school, whether it be street (STAR) or flattrack (American Supercamp) or dirt (Dirtwise) two things happen. In this order, usually:
1. I embarrass the heck out of myself.
2. I learn a ton!

At 65 I've been embarrassed enough that it doesn't hurt so much anymore and I've also found that learning new stuff is always cool!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it!
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