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Lighter oilhead wrist pins in an airhead

I googled this and searched the forum and I couldn't find anyone having discussed this yet, but it seems like it is worth considering:

Success: Soaking piston in carb cleaner removes carbon very well.
Failure: Soaking wrist pin (gudgeon pin) in carb cleaner removes chrome very well.
Solution: Call re-psycle for a good used wrist pin. 11 25 1 335 474 GUDGEON PIN - 22mmOD X 13mmID X 74.31mmL

What arrived happened to be what I figure is an oilhead wrist pin. 11 25 1 341 365 GUDGEON PIN - 22mmOD x 17.5mmID x 74.31mmL.

It looks like it would fit just perfectly. The original wrist pin is 147grams, the oilhead wristpin is 83grams. Weight savings of 64g of reciprocating mass per piston.

Now I need to decide whether to send this back and order a proper airhead wrist pin, or keep it and ask for another for the other side.

Question#1: Is there a heat/stress reason that the oilhead wrist pin shouldn't be used in an airhead?

Question #2: Why hasn't this been discussed before (or is my Google-Fu just not up to snuff)?
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