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I thought I'd post this here, rather than the DR thread in the 'Thumper' section, where it would get lost in the pages rather quickly.

My 2008 DR650 (50,000 kilometres on the clock) has developed quite a rattle within the engine somewhere, which increases with an increase in revs (same if bike is warm or cold).
I never really noticed it, until a recent trip, where I had a couple of other DR650 riders comment about the rattle/noise in my bike's engine.

Bike has a High Compression piston fitted (From, which I did have trouble fitting the new cudgen pin, which took a little gentle persuasion to get it fitted.
The piston has been in the bike for about 20,000 kilometres now. (so I don't think this is the problem); although, I have notice it to be a little more 'rattley' since the piston went in, back then.

I always run a 10W-40 engine oil and 98 octane fuel.
Valve clearances are okay and within spec.
I remove the 'Bash-plate' to see if it was just the engine noise resonating from it; however, the rattle is still there.
NSU screws have been loctited in place.

Did anyone here, with a HC piston fitted notice an increase in engine rattle ???

Can anyone give me a few suggestions on where to start looking, before dismantling the engine.

Any help would be appreciated,

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