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Copper River Highway

From the Milepost:

DOT&PF, March 28, 2012: The Alaska Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities reminds residents and visitors in the Cordova area that the Copper River Highway remains closed indefinitely at Mile 36 due to safety concerns at Bridge No. 339. This closure will remain in effect until the bridge is replaced, which is estimated to be several years away. DOT&PF closed Bridge No. 339 in August of 2011. The bridge is one of 11 bridges crossing the Copper River Delta. Naturally occurring changes to the water flow between channels across the delta led to a dramatic increase in the amount of water running under the bridge. Due to the increased amount of water, 50 feet of "scour," or erosion, was observed at the bridge in 2011. The scour lowered the channel bottom and compromised the bridge structure.. [See Mile 36 entry for more details.].

The Copper River Highway begins where the Ferry Terminal road intersects with Orca Road and leads 48.6 miles northeast from Cordova across Million Dollar Bridge at the Copper River. This is a good gravel road with several U.S. Forest Service hiking trails and interpretive stops. Stop at the USFS office in Cordova for current road/trail conditions. The highway is not maintained in winter beyond Mile 12.4. Snow may prevent access to many points along the highway well into spring. The Copper River Highway was designated a Scenic Byway in May 2011.
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