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Schuberth c3 pro vs laser monaco carbon

My daughter needs a new helmet and we have narrowed it down to the C3 Pro for women and the lazer monaco carbon. She presently has a Nolan N90 and feels it is a tank (she picks up either my Nexx XR1R carbon or my Lazer falcon carbon and gets very jealous). My wife has a C3 so she has some idea about the Schuberth (she will be trying one on shortly). Lazer helmets are not something that you can find to try so I wanted to get your opinion about one vs the other, weight, fit, comfort, noise, etc. Either way I am buying them from you and I would prefer not to buy both for her to try on and send one back.

She rides a Triumph Bonneville without a windscreen but is considering adding one. Thanks
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