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Originally Posted by Whyswoman View Post
Sorry folks, but I was feeling very sad that I would not be able to get out for my first ride of the year much before the beginning of May ... I figured everyone would have the jump on me by at least two weeks...

I am delighted that the snow is going to hold some folks back a few days - and I am thinking I might just be ready to ride before month's permitting...

The much dreaded surgery has come out well - I can still smile, open and close my eyes, puff out both cheeks, blow kisses and cusses and smoke rings (as if ... I quit that nonsense almost 12 years ago)...I will admit to being a bit cranky at times, however - when the pain meds wear off...

Anyway, let's say my sense of humour remains fully intact, and so is my determination to ride sooner rather than later...

Thanks to all for the good wishes...
Thats great to hear. Without good health, everything else hasnt much importance. have a speedy recovery but dont rush things.
Great to see all the bikes getting out for the 1st initial runs also.
I started a motor today but didnt ride.
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