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Originally Posted by markjenn
I doubt it. But that's easy to check - kick it over with the plug out and see if you get a spark.
Not necessarily. I got a hell of a spark kicking it over, as a friend of mine will never forget, but it was not sparking regularly. Thats why the bike would run very poorly, especialy at RPMs over 4000 for me. Here is a more complete story:

I was riding the bike in Japan and was heading to Toyama to take the boat over to Vladivostok in Russia when the bike started becoming choppy on the throttle. I thought I was running out of fuel, but it wasn't it. As I went on it felt more and more like the choke was on. I got to Toyama all right though, loaded it on the boat, and forgot about it for the next few days. When I finally got my bike out of Russian customs, it was VERY hard to get it started and keep alive, but since I only drove it about 3 miles from the port before parking it that evening, I was hoping it would all go away after some partying and vodka. Next afternoon I was going to go for a one hour bike ride to a remote beach with a large group of bikers from Vladivostok, but my bike had the same symptoms. I stopped about 5 miles outside of town to fill up the tank. I couldn't get it restarted. Nothing I did would get it to run. Electric, kick, pushinig, long downhills (I have the clutch lever saftey switch shorted off)... I took the tank off. A Japanese friend had the genius notion of holding the spark plug with his bare hands (and not by the rubber wire either) while I kicked it. Hilarity ensued

We definetly had spark. We couldn't figure it out and by now it was night, so I left my bike with a nearby factory gate guard for the night and picked it up the following morning with a truck and took it to a repair shop. Their diagnosis: CDI. It took over 2 weeks for a new one to arrive and Russian customs raped me . When it finally did arrive, we just put the new one in and it fired right up and rode perfect. That was over 30,000 miles ago.

If you're replacing it anyway, you might as well upgrade to the switchable octane version.
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