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Dredging up this old thread... Spring has sprung and it's time to RIDE.
Here's my first "Pennsyltuckey Noodlin" RR for 2014. Enjoy.

After months of working, this week looks like I'll actually have some own time. All the bikes have been sitting outside all winter, and the K1200 in particular was all crusty and nasty -with all of last summer's bug splatter & road grunge, PLUS this Spring's salt & muck. SO, I dragged out the hose, and put the medium buff on the old dog, and then sat and admired it for a few minutes, before going inside to get dressed for a ride.

But instead of cranking up the Big Beastie, I uncovered the Rock-n-Roll Norton. I'd kicked it over for the first time recently, and boy that effin thing took a LONG time and a LOT of kickin before it finally fired up, in fact I was so tuckered out that I didn't even ride it that day, just took it around the block. The next day I did get out on it for a shot around the BIG block- maybe about 30-40 miles?

Today, I uncovered it, feeling my knee, which I'd torqued somehow over the weekend, me being a rambunctious whippersnapper and all, dontcha know... but thought, well heck with it. No Pain, No Gain. I GOTTA ride this bike.

The sun was all shining on the bike, the temps were warm, I'd left the petcock on, and lo & behold, who'd a thunk it but the Norton fired up FIRST KICK.
I'm tellin ya I've owned this bike for quite some time now- maybe 6 years? In all that time, it has always taken multiple kicks, sometimes far too many to count. Well Heaven was smiling down on me, and cast her glow in the form of warm sunshine. I guess it was just pure magic- soon enough, I was riding up along the good ol Susquehanny, with the wind whistling thru my helmet.

I covered lots of ground, and rode some roads I haven't been on in a while- a mix of PA highways, and small bimblin roads. I flip-flopped back and forth over the North Mountain a few times, and followed it along the valley on either side before finally breaking off out into the valley proper. I jumped the ridge another time, then had a stop for lunch at a little honky-tonk gas station/store that now has 93 octane gasoline, where they only ever had mid-grade before! Woo hoo.

Then it was off down the valley along PA Hiway 75, back up over the same ridge on 274, and I raced against the wind to get back home. My speedo is broke, but I'm guessing I rode a rock solid 100 miles- maybe a few more than that. Thru the whole ride the bike ran like it was happy to be out. I rode like I was happy to be out, and had a lovely time scootin around the local roads.

Here's some pix:

at Lamb's Gap

Laughlin's Mill, Newville PA

A decrepit old bridge over the Conodoguinet Creek- there's literally thousands of miles of creeks and rivers in PA, with lots of beat-up old bridges. Slowly, the state is rebuilding these old beaters, one by one. This one's ready any time.

Couldn't resist this pic. Guess this is some old Mennonite Church out in the sticks. Love the gate and old iron fence. There was a small sign on the fencve to the right of this gate- it said "Reserved for Organist". I couldn't tell if it was parking space, or a grave site the sign was referrin' to.

Sittin' On Top O' The World- PA 641

The Boom Boom Burger

While I was eating, I had a phone call from a guy who was telling me my truck was finished- I'd had it in to have the sagging headliner replaced. Dude closed up shop at 1700, SO I hopped on the bike and boogied back home so as not to keep him- the kind old gent said he'd hang on for me for a few minutes, and I assured him I'd hurry... which I had to go home to get my checkbook- I'd asked him if I could give him my CC info over the phone, then he could just lock my keys into the truck for me... he was like "But they charge me for that!" So I said, OK, hang on. I'll do my best, and bring you a check, if that's OK.

When I got there, he was there waiting inside the shop, but unlocked the door for me as I walked up! I think it was 5:02, or something like that!

I MAY have *slightly* exceeded the speed limits on the way home...
But I'll deny everything in a court of law.
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