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TL125 & SL350 Update

The TL125 is now "finished", although still needs a bit of carb tuning. Have been riding it and it's working just "ok", but will continue to tune on it as time allows.

Last night started back in on the SL350 in earnest, in 3 weeks we will be in Crooked River and one way or the other, this bike has to run better than it did last year.

First step was to get it running, started by draining all old fuel and putting in fresh;

With fresh gas it fired right up and sounded great. Next step was to check system voltage, to ensure that a lack of voltage to coils was not causing the tuning issues.

Voltage at idle;

Voltage at free rev approximatley 6,000 rpm;

I think it is safe to say we don't need to add a battery to the system.

Next step is very thorough and complete tune up and valve adjust and installation of the Dime City jetting kit which includes different needles.

Fingers crossed!

PS; we had a fine time at the D100, with all our riders completing all events without major breakdown or injury!
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