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Originally Posted by Vico1 View Post
I told Brian that the single track was a little rough for a dual sport and most would not like it.

I was wrong! Very wrong!

There were those who new their limits and stayed away from the first section, and then there were the fastburners who I knew would love this section, but the rest of the pack fooled me. It seems everyone was craving just a tad more of the tighter rougher trails. Good for you guys. Up for a challenge and all that. So remember next year! Be careful what you ask for, cause PM can certainly give it to you.

That was some sweet singletrack! There were a few sections and a couple of hill climbs I did with Hatch Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, I think we rode the 11 mile loop 3 times. The first 2 times at a brisk pace. The last time at a more than brisk pace.

We also did the marked singletrack at the end of the 11 mile loop. And then... and then... and then... well... you get the point. We probably rode quite a few of the trails in the area. Lots of mud, lots of ruts, lots of barkbuster tree banging... woohoo! I suggested to Brian that maybe at the next event, there should be a small bike singletrack loop or maybe even run the same track as the enduro for those idiots, such as myself, who enjoy the punishment.
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