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I use the Mobile 1 15w50, see photos below. I understand wanting to have the largest temperature range of coverage but there is only one place that has the 10w50 oil and it is around $20 dollars a liter. It is also expensive online. I got my oil changed at the dealer and took it in the shorts through the warranty period. The dealer went out of business and I started changing the oil myself the second it went out of warranty and I went through the oil dilemma like a lot of others. The Mobile 1 has worked great in my 2006 950 Adventure and 2003 625sxc with no issues for many years and miles. I bought the Adventure new and the 625 used shortly after the Adventure. This is how I selected this oil:

1. The 15w just raises the cold operating temperature a bit. The raise is still way, way below the temperature I would ever ride it. I believe it is -20 degrees F for a 10w and -10 degrees F for a 15w. It has great protection in really hot weather and keeps the bikes cool. Neither bike has ever spit water or overheated in pretty harsh conditions.

2. It has no additives/friction modifiers that can harm the clutch. The newer bottle changed the cap color as well as it says Anti-wear protection for Performance vehicles. The Anti-wear protection is just more zinc added to the formula which is a great thing. This does not mean it has the energy conserving additives or friction modifiers as they are also called, that can coat the clutch and make it to slick to function correctly. You can confirm this by looking at the back of the bottle in the API service circular label. If you look up the API rating information it explains everything in that circle and what it means. On this oil the bottom part of the circle has nothing in it just like on the older bottle meaning it is not energy conserving and has none of the additives that can cause clutch problems.

3. Price is great on this oil. It can be found from $4-$8 dollars at a lot of places.

Front of bottle:

Back of bottle:

Hope this helps.
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