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Hey, how did I not get pinged about those last responses? Man, I got unsubscribed from my own thread? I know I lost control over it about a year ago but I was at least hoping I could still keep up with it. No respect...

Yeah, Mission Creep is something my shopmates and I were famous for when working on bikes. My boxer was mission creep as we really only wanted to put in some side braces on the frame. Of course once the frame was stripped the braces needed to be bent to clear the carbs, if you bent the braces then you need to reinforce them. If you reinforce them you could brace the whole thing and if you do that you've exposed weakness' in the head stock and swingarm pivot so they should braced. If they're braced the lower frame rails are really pointless...

You see how it works? In this thread I decided to powdercoat my swingarm black and now, three years later, I have a 990 SMR with AWD. The sad part is that I really enjoy it. It's like going for an afternoon ride and coming back two weeks and 4000 miles later with this amazing trip under your belt.

As for the carbs. I don't know what to tell you. Supposedly my bike is finished and Chris has mentioned he's moving onto other projects but I know as much as you. I'm headed back to NYC for work and meetings in the next few weeks so I am taking an extra day or two to check out the progress and hopefully get the bike done.

My suspicion on the chokes is that it's related to float level and that it will take some tedious fettling with levels and jets to get it working but that the engineering is sound. I won't have time to test that and I don't know if Chris will either.

I do know that I'm planning to ride the bike out to Denver this May/June and that Woody's will be lacing me up a new AWD 21" hub and holding those wheels for me. Tommy, Gino and I will ride out together and pick up our wheels at Woody's (Thanks Zach!) and switch to dirt hoops and knobs. There we'll meet up with Clipper, Zach on Woody's 1200GS with 21 front hoop and Neduro on whatever bike he feels is appropriate to slum with us on. From there we'll all set off to do a few mountain passes, dirt roads and whatever. We'll drink lots of beer at night and laugh at Gino because, well, if you've met you know.

From there whomever wants to join me can ride to Portland via dirt roads. It's a trip I've been dreaming of for a long time and I'm very excited.


PS - Ned, sorry about the late email - my gmail is acting up and never sent my response until today. Look forward to riding with you again!
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