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Some reprobate has brought this ToR to my attention, even though I've been playing three others. Before I stick my tit in the wringer with this game, I'd like to know the following under Rule 1. This game uses a mascot. When a person grabs a tag (and the mascot) but fails to place it in a new location within 48 hours, how can the tag and mascot "be grabbed by anyone else, and they may post the new tag" when the first person still has possession of the mascot?

Also, are batteries required to hear what the mascot has to say?


Originally Posted by yrunotriding View Post
#1 - Find the tag and mascot (The Ornery Orange) and reproduce the photo with the mascot involved somewhere (as best as possible). The first person to post a found tag with the mascot gets to place the next tag. That person will have 48 hours to post the next tag, if they haven't by that time (weather will be taken into consideration, ie. 20" of snow), then it can be grabbed by anyone else, and they may post the new tag.
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