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Seems like it has been a while between updates! Sorry about that but its been busy here and tough juggling all the balls I have in the air. At least i'm not as bad as my buddy Scott:!

Anyway, I've been busy here on lots of stuff, 2WD included. Some of the other stuff is boring but pays the bills (light brackets for a train station, etc) and some is secret (super important consumer gizmos) But it all has to eventually get done.

Soooooooo, it has been a while but i have not been idle on this project. I've made lots of chips, for chain housings...



And housing covers.....

and custom gaskets

and ignition switch mounts.....


and steering stops.....

Oops, no pictures of machining that but they look nice finished!

And after a few of the debacles on some of the aluminum parts had a nice adventure finding a new anodizer. I'm glad to have found them as they are in NJ and did a great job.

The frame also came out nicely in a metallic orange. The metallic is hard to see indoors but really jumps out in sunlight.

At last now I have everything in house in final configurations for a test assembly then pack up and ship out. I'm sure Joe and Tony are reading this in disbelief that they will finally be able to get the bike together! I can only say that poor time planning for these R&D type projects is my big weakness. But it does get done nicely in the end!

The steering stop and ingition switch mount bracket look tidy and retain the steering lock too! Keep all those jealous 1WD owners off!

I think for orange frames you get black housing and for black frames an orange housing. Thoughts?


Will put up another post in a couple of days (no, really, I mean it!) with the full assembly before packing and shipping.

Sorry again for the gaps in coverage but life sometimes gets in the way of life!

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