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FYI to interested parties:

For those of you still experimenting with windshields, you may want to check out the "new" Parabellum offering. It is not new, totally....well, they have been selling one like it for the F650 model, now they affer it for the GS. It is a handlebar mount shield, if you want to see what it looks like on a 650, check out their website. They do not currently have photos of it on an 1150, but its basically the same. I just got one, haven't ridden but about 50 miles so far....but personally I think it will be what I wanted. Had the MRA Vario, but needed more...thought the Aeroflow might be too much for hot weather(which we have plenty of here in GA. Obviously, we riders vary as to personal likes/dislikes concerning noise, buffetting, vision, and overall air flow needs while riding. Guess that is why there are so many different types of shields, and there may be no "one" perfect shield for everyone. Just thought I'd throw one more variable into the forum to magnify the confusion.
One other note: charlie (at parabellum) is interested in feedback from the GS community on how/if the shield works out for riders. He sounds like he would listen to suggestions, and possibly incorporate some. Of course, he wants a product that sells well,aka satisfied customers= more sales and profit for his company. So, if you have recently bought one of these models from them, email them wth your comments or suggestions.
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