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Thanks or the offer Jatz but I've seen too many young kids KOed or hurt on the few laid back trail rides we've been to. MTBing is enough of a challenge for them.

I got out this avo for an awesome ride out to Hori Bay again. I followed Healey road to the skidder site at the end & tried & wished to find a road leading down that could take us over to Kokorua. From a few vantage points I could see the estuary & farm tracks below the kanukas but sadly I couldn't see any access. A bluff line ran down the side of the hill which for a second I thought may have indicated an old track but upon further looking ran out into the natives.
Nordie of course with his electric chainsaw could hack a way down but I guess the next plan would be to try to get access from Kokorua & do some exploring from the bottom. It certainly looks very cool down there.

I met a couple of downhill MTBers out of control on the way back up the road & wondered how they would have got on meeting up with the car that followed me up

I'm a bit ashamed to say I gave Schmidtty a bit of a thrashing on the way back up & I have to say it handled it far better than a heavy, behemoth with over inflated roady tyres & a shit front end should have. I have now ideas in my head to put knobblies back on him & take him along some knarly trails. Somebody stop me for both our sakes.

Woodman dropped off boxa's flange puller so I could remove the flange off the gearbox. I couldn't work out how to use all the bits of the puzzle & ended up using my homemade tension bar with it. I got it off with the slightest bit of effort so that is good but interested to know if you have had been used with it boxa all the parts supplied??? The round hole of the tension attachment seemed too small?

No pics sorry but if you imagine Woodmans pic of his bumblebee overlooking Delaware bay with my bike instead you'll get the picture.
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