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Originally Posted by elnonio View Post

I'm about to PCS to Yongsan this summer, and plan (hope?) to bring my r1200gs with me to go touring the country as much as I can.

How much of a pain will it be to import the bike? Does TMO handle most of it, and I'll just have to do the insurance and registration dance? Presume we're not driving around on US plates, or if so not for long?

What's the deal with the whole US license + apostille = no test?

Is that the way to go, or will an international driving permit work just as well? I think I'd rather not have to take their "road" test on a beat-up cruiser! (think Claudio Von Planta right before the long way round!)

Any tips and suggestions welcome.
I can't answer all of your questions as I am not associated with the military but I do have quite a few friends at Yongsan but I won't try to answer your question about bringing your bike into the country. However, I heard today that due to parking concerns on the base, you will be allowed to register only one vehicle, so if you're bringing a car, you won't be able to register your bike.

I can give you a pretty clear answer for the license. If you are going to be here for more than one year, then I suggest getting the Korean license with the test, apostille and all. If possible, get the apostille prior to coming because it will be difficult to get here. The riding test isn't too bad...yes, the bikes suck, but the idle settings on the bikes are such that you can leave it in first gear and barely use the throttle and you can make it around the course. I failed the first time and then easily passed the second.

If you will only be in Korea for a year, just get the international license because it won't be worth your trouble.
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