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Originally Posted by ohgood View Post
three ways:

long press, it pops up a GPS data box, touch that box and a new dialogue pops up, giving you the options of:
directions to
set as destination
search near here
share location

same as before, but add waypoints to the routing, and you can select specific places along the route

view a GPX file from the dialoge. you can choose to navigate along that path if you like.

it's nifty
By plotting/making a route I mean a route using the roads I want to travel. I want to stay off hiways and secondary roads as much as I can most of the time, and of the times I've let a nav app do the routing it almost never picks a route I would like to use. In myviewranger I can click points on the map as I go where I want and it turns it into a route, while sitting here at the desktop. Even in Google Maps it's tough to do this as it always thinks it know more of where I need/want to go than I do. By that I mean I'll be happily laying out my route the way I want, I get 2/3 to 3/4 of the way thru it and WHAM! it changes the whole thing to a shorter route. Not what I want. And yes, I have settings changed to avoid hiways, still overrules what I do. It's dammned frustrating as I've redone some routes 3 and 4 times trying to make it work only to give up.
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