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Originally Posted by Myway View Post
This motorcycle appmode, how do I get this.
Installed free osmand, but there is only profile general car bicycle pedestrian.

I tried to search it, could not find it.

What I did find.

Nice that we can change all colors and thickness at all zoomlevels with the default vectormapbase, by using a XXX.render.xml mapstyle.

So you can make your own map how you would like it. Overrule the default mapstyle.
highway=track usally is a brown dashed thin line, zooming out it is more narrow and disappear, stile the motorways are thick and good visible. Now we can make motorways a different color say dark gray and make track a bright color thicker and show the on zoom out map, to get a more overview area and still see those track.

we compare screenshot oruxmap and osmand, and say osmand oruxmap is good or bad.
We must compare the software and say good or bad
we must compare maps, which we like most
but keep in mind we can change that. by yourself if it are vector maps

raster maps and tilemaps, are cooked, printed like a piece of paper. hardcoded.
so far offline stand alone.

@ohgood, which mapstyle do you use, can you share it.

I believe in the routing style you can change to, did you do that to get a motorcycle routing.

Or is this already in + version?
I use the nightly versions, and paid for the + version because it rocks so good!

Toy have to turn on debridement options on the settings, then you'll have the PROFILES option to pick the ones you want

To get a nightly, just Google "osmand nightlies download" and grab a recent one to try. Keep in mind, they are all betas in nature, and some work much better than others. This is the one I've been using for w little while with good success:

As far as which map style I use , I believe that question is addressed towards oruxmaps, and I usually use 'hike n bike' on that one. On osmand I lemme it on HIGH CONTRAST usually.
Yes, Android AND iphone GPS works without cellular data. Use offline maps and enjoy. (thanks drtbyk!)
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