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Originally Posted by doggitter View Post
By plotting/making a route I mean a route using the roads I want to travel. I want to stay off hiways and secondary roads as much as I can most of the time, and of the times I've let a nav app do the routing it almost never picks a route I would like to use. In myviewranger I can click points on the map as I go where I want and it turns it into a route, while sitting here at the desktop. Even in Google Maps it's tough to do this as it always thinks it know more of where I need/want to go than I do. By that I mean I'll be happily laying out my route the way I want, I get 2/3 to 3/4 of the way thru it and WHAM! it changes the whole thing to a shorter route. Not what I want. And yes, I have settings changed to avoid hiways, still overrules what I do. It's dammned frustrating as I've redone some routes 3 and 4 times trying to make it work only to give up.

Google is optimizing the route as you go... I'm sure it's good (for someone), just not exactly what you're looking for.

In osmand, try adding places via waypoints to the route. It's the only way I've found it will tour commodity off the highways if the distance is over 20 miles or so.
Yes, Android AND iphone GPS works without cellular data. Use offline maps and enjoy. (thanks drtbyk!)
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