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Originally Posted by elnonio View Post

I'm about to PCS to Yongsan this summer, and plan (hope?) to bring my r1200gs with me to go touring the country as much as I can.

How much of a pain will it be to import the bike? Does TMO handle most of it, and I'll just have to do the insurance and registration dance? Presume we're not driving around on US plates, or if so not for long?

What's the deal with the whole US license + apostille = no test?

Is that the way to go, or will an international driving permit work just as well? I think I'd rather not have to take their "road" test on a beat-up cruiser! (think Claudio Von Planta right before the long way round!)

Any tips and suggestions welcome.

I work on Yongsan and when I came here I shipped a motorcycle in my Household Goods. If you are military or government civilian it's easy. You will get a driver's license issued by the need to deal with the Korean government. If you have a motorcycle endorsement on your US license, you can get it on your USFK issued license. problem. If the govt. ships your bike over for you, you will get an import document from transportation. Take this to the base registration office along with proof of insurance and you will get Korean plates issued by the PMO. No need to deal with the Korean government.

As mentioned above, they just came out with some new thing about only being able to register one vehicle. At Yongsan, you have always only been able to register one POV unless you have an exception to policy approved though garrision HQ. However, you could have one cage and one motorcycle with no exception required. I don't know if this has changed.
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