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Riding in Rio Rico and Nogales areas May 11, 12

Hi All,

Is anyone interested in riding with me on either date?

May 11

I'm planning to ride towards Arivaca. There's an abandoned mine area that I like, so will play there for a couple hours. Then Arivaca for lunch & fuel. Then I'd like to take Ruby Road for a bit, I'll probably head into Warsaw Canyon to California Gulch and do that loop. Depending on time and temperature, we'll either finish up Ruby Road and loop back to staging area on the road or head back the way we came. If you don't know the area, and are on a big bike We'll probably take the 15 min Interstate ride back to wherever we stage. If bikes aren't suitable we can take Pendelton back to where ever we decide to stage. (Staging area to be decided but I have some good ideas, maybe Amado?)

Probably start around 9.

May 12

Haven't decided yet, but am leaning on riding out by Flux Canyon/Harshaw Ghost town area. I found this "sky island" type place up there and I want to see it again. I'll probably head towards Montezumo Canyon. This one is mostly dirt road with some "Hey lets see where this goes" moments. That said, I'm quite interested in riding some new terrain so if you know the area I'm up for seeing some different terrain.

Probably start around the same time, maybe a bit earlier.

I ride a DR650, both rides are two track but the May 12 is more like dirt roads, both days will have some pavement too. You'll need dirt tires and a similar bike for May 11. I have Kenda 270s on my DR. I'm a very experienced rider but the is my first year riding in the desert. Anyone's welcome, we'll ride to the lowest skill level in the group. I don't hesitate to turn around if the trail(s) get too tough for me. You'll need a plated bike.

I'd like to keep the group small-ish, manageable but we can always divide up into smaller groups.

I'm also looking for new areas to ride not too far from there, so feel free to suggest some areas even if you aren't coming along. :)

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