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Slightly new twist on this problem - any ideas?

Hi -- I'm new here and I read every post in this 10 year long thread last night looking for insight (and found a lot of it - thank you). I have a BRAND NEW 2014 R1200GS with 300 miles on it. I was setting up my toolkit for the bike over the weekend and one of the things I like to carry is a small air compressor to fix flats. I don't have anything specifically for motorcycles, just one of those cheapo Chinese units that cost like $10.

I decided to test the air compressor before filing it away in my pannier. I didn't really know much or understand the canbus system when I plugged the compressor in to the canbus controlled power outlet on the machine. The compressor ran for about 1/2 second and then cut out. I figured I had blown a fuse (I know now - none to be found) but quickly discovered that the bike would not start and the immobilization lock was to blame.

I let the bike sit for about and hour and then it started. I figured that the computer reset itself and all was now fine. That proved to NOT be the case. The immobilizer now locks out intermittently. I find that most of the time it is locked out but every now and then, I put the key in and it starts. Then a few hours later, it doesn't.

My spare keys are about 250 miles away from where I am so I have not tested with another key. I am going to get the bike back to the dealer this week but my dealer is also about 250 miles away.

Anybody got any ideas on what's happening? Could the compressor have somehow done some damage to the BMS-K, ring antenna, or key?
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