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Originally Posted by scout5 View Post
Hi folks! I'm a new rider! I only have about 2000 miles under my belt. I love it!

-E from ATL
Scout, there's an awesome training facility right near you in Alpharetta - disregard if you already know about it. They offer all sorts of classes from BRC and ERC to trike, ATV, and dirtbike. They offer a ladies only class called Skirts in the Dirt, as well as one day dirt classes but the best thing they have is the two day dirt class (I've done it 3x and my son's done it 4x, we try to go once a year to brush up and learn something new.) You use their dirtbike, and all their gear. Just show up with a good attitude and a sack lunch. Last year it was $230 for the whole weekend IIRC. In fact, if you wanna do it holler and I may make it down for your class (we haven't done it yet this year.)

And glad you found us here!
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