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My friend bought a 2013 R1200GS WC. It happend a few months ago so we took the key out, wait 5 minutes and re-applied the key...the error code disappeared. Bike was good for a few months.

Last month at the border or Cambodia and Thailand, After parking the bike under the super hot sun during our lunch, Key error appeared again. do the same 5 mins didn't work.

Unconnect the battery twice...still couldn't start the bike.

Used the spare key...still same problem.

So I got pissed off and turn the ingnition on and off about a dozen time continuesly very luck.

I got even more pissed off because it is 38 Celsius under the Cambodia Sun so I did the same trick (turning the ignition on and off real fast continuously) while holding the start f**king worked... while switching igninion on-off and holding start button, the bike just fired up and we just went on.

Bike made it home ok and it has been 2 months
since the problem so far.

It might sound stupid...but it did happened believe it or not. So I though I share it here.
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