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Gday Guys

The price for Australian riders is $69.95 AUD

I have 7,500Km's on the dial, I hardly do any dusty/dirt road riding.
I have ordered this filter today.

I believe this is a serious oversight on KTM's part, yes they stuffed up..

I bought my 2014 EDS 1190 specifically for road duties with the occasional dirt road/trail if it comes my way.

I think the price is academic, in comparison to fine dust getting into your air box and screwing your lovelly 1190 engine.

If you ride an 1190 then buy the Unifilter, and dont foget to get your RadGuard.. This man sure knows how to make them.
He's an Ozzie..

Question: For the riders who already have the Unifilter fitted, are there any issues at all in thrrotle response or any thing else that we need to know about. Just asking for curiosity sake..
Thanks for your response...
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