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Yeah, a 650 size bike is severely disadvantaged up there. A KTM 200 is kinda the never get out of second gear anyway. Anything over 250lbs is just asking for a severe workout.

I love this pic, Bitwrench and I were on 'big bikes' (husky 610 and 630) doing a dualsport route out to Cannell with my kid and I decided we should take the shortcut back to Sherman Pass on the black diamond trail instead of going all the way back around on the road. I've ridden everything up there with lightbikes and thought gee, how tough can it be? Going down would have been no problem, but climbing those 5 miles on a 350lb bike was simply insanity.

We got our asses handed to us. My kid was at the top waiting, chomping his 'tater chips and chuckling at us when we finally rolled up. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack trying to manhandle that pig, and all at 9K feet. I rarely drop a bike, so I've got this funny expression like, 'how the hell did that happen?'

My son decided he could make it across the Kern out at the end of Monache - that was Rich's last event. Guys were falling all over the place mid-stream. Of course he stalled it in the middle. Ha ha.

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