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Thunderbirds are go!

Bonjour from France. Have been in France for 10 minutes and nearly went around a roundabout the wrong way, I rode through a red light and stepped out in front of a scooter when crossing the road as I was looking the wrong way. I have to remember that in Europe they drive on the right (I better learn that very quick).

Am waiting for lunch to arrive, I know it is a chicken something, as I recognised Poulet, but not sure what else is coming with it.

Anyway inmates the BIG news today is that I now have a bike, it started okay and I have found my way to France.

Leaving the warehouse in Gravesend

About to board the Chunnel train

140km/hr under the Channel

Small town France, stopped to find somewhere for lunch.

(Leanne I have put my watch forward one hour so for Skyping I am now 10 hours behind you)

By the way my lunch has arrived, it appears to be a bagel filled with salad, chicken and bacon.
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