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yeah, well at least I think they understand now the trail damage this kind of activity causes. Sheesh.

On one hand we have Chris Horgan pushing for trials rear tires on litebikes to mitigate damage, and then on the other we have people with adventure bikes thinking they are 'good enough' to get them through these trails. OMFG.

There are PLENTY of jeep roads for bigger bikes. It's like the kwads as well, they let them punch out the trails in Big Bear to the point they've ruined it. I won't ride up there anymore. On a dualsport yeah, on 2-track, but no TST for me anymore, it's too dangerous. I had two head-ons in one day up there sometime back, that was enough. Consider us damn fortunate they can't get them out on the trails in KM or they would be ruined too.

Okay, stepping off soapbox.
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